isha Omid


to wish or'cus? may fellows peer, catonic bees cast out.

a trip in tupi guarani, intones, turned convoluted fooles,

cow bois n girls fare well, not lost of lapis temporal,

but tru’ our calma rose, free souls meld in one, embrace.



musc à savourer, non plus malaise, pelas mãos, delexia nos,

guide us caressingly from fear, atone, our will to lose this knot,

soon let us free, not see us fall, our slight, not early shone.



our innocence? if crudely was, intrudes a flow, idyl, an adoration,

eyes glisten, ired, awe, NOW, do in sett if amb’red, yawn

nothing less prevailed, a force, our raw recall, yet this aberration

annuls not a passion, for i be sure do love you too, from dawn,



so as will, fala may mir, so longe for love which is, fortis

me who is abluted, unlibated, can no emir be celibated, nor ore gradated

and you be not in fear of feudal lords, forever free to leer,



thrice wish? two times undone?, once more? Iran, atonic call,

o pearl, o Mar, vermeer, your ear, may mir a muse in me.

não conte a ninguém, a play, 'Erato' come, debut in four a twenty au...

ho hum o'ßum, o mum


fore paws sleep deep, in deepa sleep,

مزارِ شریف

cipó, o sip o' cow tongue form,

I in I, a cup is all, a call.


vai ithi tibetan



عشق خالص







sorrir para sempre gata ;)



ºº ༀ